T-K Radiator Rust & Sludge Eliminator 250ml

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T-K Radiator Rust and Sludge Eliminator is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly method of cleaning rust and sludge from automotive cooling systems. No more harmful chemicals to poison our environment. No more draining or flushing. Will turn water clear within two weeks of normal driving.


  • No sodas
  • No detergents
  • No caustics
  • No soluble oils
  • No acids
  • Harmless to alloys & iron
  • Preserves radiator hoses
  • Lubricates water pump
  • Combats electrolysis
  • Acts as a rust inhibitor
  • Helps free sticking thermostats
  • Replaces all other additives (Anti-freeze still required in very cold climates)
  • Compatible with most Anti-freeze
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