WBT is a company of Quality, with our deep culture of quality stemming from the company origins of Precision Tool manufacturing some 99 years ago.

We well recognize the need for precision in manufacturing fibre associated products and our ISO 9001 certification and our preferred supplier status with Telco throughout the world is clear evidence of this commitment.

WBT owns and operates its manufacturing in Melbourne (Australia) and Philippines and millions of dollars have invested in modernising these facilities to ensure that they are state of the art. This also gives us full control of the manufacturing and inspection procedures, which ensures optimum quality.

For example, our deflecting beam torque wrenches are one of the most accurate torque wrenches on the market. In fact, we find that the majority of our torque wrenches that come back for recalibration are often still 100% accurate even after 40 years! It is a tool that has been handed down, generation by generation.

Our Facebook fans were invited to nominate their favourite torque wrench to be Warren & Brown’s 95th Anniversary Limited Edition. With the votes they have also shared their experiences with our products. We could not be more proud: