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Workshop, Garage & Service Equipment

Warren & Brown Tools offers a wide range of workshop, garage and service equipment to supply the automotive industry and keen home car enthusiasts. The range includes drain plug repair kits, cooling system pressure testers, cooling system chemicals, thread repair kits, o-rings, funnels and a great selection of accessories and spare parts.

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  1. WBT P/N: 162001

    64pc Drain Plug Repair Set
    was A$70.07 Special Price A$63.06
  2. WBT P/N: 162002

    96pc Drain Plug Repair Set
    was A$89.98 Special Price A$80.98
  3. WBT P/N: 960111

    Irontite Cooling System Sealer 150ml
    was A$17.93 Special Price A$16.14
  4. WBT P/N: 960101

    Irontite Cooling System Sealer 375ml
    was A$38.06 Special Price A$34.25
  5. WBT P/N: 163351

    100-Teeth Swivel Ratchet Set
    was A$231.00 Special Price A$207.90
  6. WBT P/N: 163350

    100-Teeth Ratchet Set
    was A$198.91 Special Price A$179.03
  7. WBT P/N: 163361

    90-Teeth 1/4" Hex Super Mini Swivel Ratchet
    was A$29.99 Special Price A$26.98
  8. WBT P/N: 163360

    90-Teeth, 1/4" Drive Super Mini Swivel Ratchet
    was A$28.29 Special Price A$25.47
  9. WBT P/N: 162006

    Magnetic Drain Plug Removal Tool
    was A$17.02 Special Price A$15.31
  10. WBT P/N: 8104-KIT

    6pc Cooling System Pressure Test Kit A
    was A$678.70 Special Price A$610.83
  11. WBT P/N: 162005

    419pc O-Ring Assortment Set
    was A$20.57 Special Price A$18.51
  12. WBT P/N: 60635

    Wireless Chassis Ear Electronic Squeak & Rattle Finder
    was A$715.00 Special Price A$643.50
Set Descending Direction

48 items

per page
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