Soldering Irons And Guns

Soldering Irons And Guns

Welcome to WB Tools, where craftsmanship meets technology in the world of soldering. Whether you're an expert craftsman or a DIY enthusiast, our collection of soldering irons and soldering guns guarantees precision, durability, and efficiency.

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    Scope Maxima Series Soldering Kit
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    Scope Maxima Series Soldering Gun
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Soldering Irons

Discover the magic of seamless soldering with WB Tools' range of soldering irons. Engineered for reliability and consistency, each soldering iron in our collection ensures that every joint is strong and every project is executed flawlessly.

What is a Soldering Iron Used For?

A soldering iron is a hand tool used to heat solder, allowing it to flow and form a joint between two workpieces, typically metal.

When solder is heated, it flows into the connection between the heating element and the workpiece, forming a durable bond once it cools and solidifies.

The primary purposes of a soldering iron include:

  1. Electronics Assembly and Repair: Soldering irons are essential tools for connecting electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCBs). They're used to attach resistors, capacitors, and other components to the board by melting solder onto the component's leads and the board's pads.

  2. Jewellery Making: Artists and jewellers use soldering irons to join pieces of metal jewellery together.

  3. Plumbing: While larger plumbing jobs often require torch soldering, smaller tasks or repairs might utilize soldering irons to join copper pipes and fittings.

  4. Crafts and Hobbies: Soldering irons are used in various crafts, such as stained glass artwork, where pieces of glass are joined together using lead came and solder.

  5. Wire Repair and Splicing: Soldering irons can be used to join two or more wires together or repair broken connections in electrical or electronic devices.

Soldering Guns

For those tasks that demand a bit more firepower, our soldering guns are the perfect ally. Combining high heat output with pinpoint accuracy, our soldering guns are designed for both quick fixes and detailed work, ensuring you have the right tool for every soldering challenge.

Warren & Brown Tools stocks the Scope Maxima Series Soldering Gun which is sold separately as well as in part of the Scope Maxima Series Soldering Kit. These soldering guns are well-balanced, rapid heating and powerful, ideal for many soldering jobs from small electronics to larger components.

When using a soldering iron, keep these safety precautions in mind:

  • Refrain from touching the tip of the soldering iron, especially when it's heated to 400°C.
  • Employ protective tools such as clamps or scissors to handle wires or items requiring heat.
  • Ensure the cleaning sponge remains damp during use.
  • Always rest the soldering iron on its stand when not active, rather than placing it directly on a work surface.
  • Always disconnect the soldering iron from the power source when it's not being used.


Buy Soldering Irons & Soldering Guns Online

Whether you're buying online or browsing our soldering products, WB Tools offers a vast range of soldering irons and soldering guns. Our collection features, gas soldering irons, electric soldering irons and scope soldering irons & stations

Unmatched Quality: At WB Tools, we don't compromise. Every soldering iron and soldering gun is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a product that lasts. Innovation at Its Best: Our products are a fusion of modern technology and classic craftsmanship, ensuring that you always stay ahead in your projects. Range for Every Need: From compact soldering irons for intricate tasks to powerful soldering guns for robust jobs, our catalogue caters to every soldering requirement.

Embark on a soldering journey like no other. Dive into WB Tools' extensive collection of soldering irons and soldering guns and experience the difference between professional-grade tools. Because with WB Tools, perfection is just a solder away.

Do you have a query or require assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to our expert team, We're readily available to deliver exceptional customer service.