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Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) has introduced its new range of civil safety products to provide the Australian market with the latest, safest, innovative and most affordable safety products. Servicing numerous markets including road safety and maintenance, construction safety, utilities, telecommunications, government and councils as well as pedestrian safety, WBT has a range of solutions for these diverse markets.

The first choice in civil safety products! Don’t compromise on Safety. Have peace of mind with the Warren & Brown Technologies safety product range.

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  1. WBT P/N: 2001020601

    Small Footway Board 1220mm x 800mm
    was A$151.82 Special Price A$136.64
  2. WBT P/N: Z004953

    N95 face masks, green (box of 30)
    was A$115.50 Special Price A$103.95
  3. WBT P/N: T010876

    N95 face mask, green
    was A$4.40 Special Price A$3.96
  4. WBT P/N: 2010010601

    Kerb Master Portable Ramp
    was A$143.00 Special Price A$128.70
  5. WBT P/N: 2030020501

    Avalon Barrier, 2m + 2 Clear View Foot
    was A$79.99 Special Price A$72.00
  6. WBT P/N: 2001040600

    Safety Trench Cover with Flexi-edge System, 1220mm x 800mm
    was A$209.00 Special Price A$188.10
  7. WBT P/N: 2001030601

    Safety Trench Cover with Flexi-edge System, 1500mm x 1000mm
    was A$330.00 Special Price A$297.00
  8. WBT P/N: 2020020601

    Road Plate, End Part
    was A$478.01 Special Price A$430.21
  9. WBT P/N: 2020010601

    Road Plate, Inner Part
    was A$368.50 Special Price A$331.65
  10. WBT P/N: 2031010400

    ClearPath foot for Avalon Barrier
    was A$20.00 Special Price A$18.00
  11. WBT P/N: 2021050601

    Road Trench Cover and Plate Kit, 5m section
    was A$4,950.00 Special Price A$4,455.00
  12. WBT P/N: 2001010601

    Large Footway Board 1200mm x 1600mm
    was A$385.89 Special Price A$347.30
    Out of stock
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12 Items

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