How to remove damaged, rusted or stuck screws?

How to remove damaged, rusted or stuck screws?

How to remove damaged, rusted or stuck screws?

A frustration faced by most tradespeople and handymen at one point or another is the problem of removing screws that become stuck, rusted or frozen in place. Accidental damage of a screw head can happen all too easily, and existing wear and tear on the screw head also contributes to screws getting stuck, making it an annoying and seemingly impossible task to remove with a screwdriver. How can this problem be solved? Warren & Brown Precision Tools have solutions for removing truss, round, pan head and flat head screws that just won’t seem to budge, without the headache or frustration.  

How to remove stuck or damaged truss, round or pan head screws? With a screwdriver not being able to properly grip onto the screw, many people will turn to the use of pliers or another tool to try and solve their problem. An annoyance that can then arise, is that many pliers only have horizontally serrated teeth, which are usually ineffective for gripping the stuck screw. The pliers will continue to slip, without successfully loosening the screw.



The PZ series Screw Removal Pliers have been specially designed for the removal of stuck truss, round or pan head screws. As well as being able to cut, crimp and perform other functions generally performed by most traditional multi-purpose pliers, the Screw Removal Pliers have the additional benefit of being able to remove rusted, stripped and stuck screws. Using a combination of horizontal and vertical serrations, the patented Screw Removal Pliers can generate enough gripping power and friction to easily remove the stuck screw. Available in a range of six different models, these pliers are perfectly designed to remove truss, round and pan head screws. The affordable and versatile screw removal pliers can also be used to crimp, cut cables, cut metal sheets, twist wires, and more.

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These pliers feature:

  • Extreme gripping power
  • Slender jaws and pocket-sized body with strap holes
  • ESD-Safe handle made of thermoplastic elastomer featuring cushioned grip and oil resistance
  • Multi-purpose

To find outs more about the PZ Series Screw Removal Pliers, check out the product page. 


How to remove stuck or damaged flat head screws?

Removing damaged flat head screws presents another challenge. The Warren & Brown Precision Tools Rapid Screw Extractor is specifically designed for removing damaged flat head screws that don’t protrude above the surface. This tool allows the user to remove badly damaged screws and doesn’t require any power or drilling.


The Rapid Screw extractor is easy to use the tool, that comes with two different types of bits, which can be used to suit screws with varying degrees of damage. The specially angled edge and biting feature of the Rapid Screw Extractor enables this tool to grip and remove most damaged screws. The first bit can be used with screws that have light to moderate damage. By simply attaching the handle and grip sleeve to the bit and inserting it into the screw head, enough biting force and grip can be generated to remove the damaged screw. For screws that have a high level of damage, the second drill bit should be used. This bit has a different angled edge and tolerance and can be hammered into the screw head for extra leverage. Once more, by attaching the handle and grip sleeve and then turning, enough biting force and grip can be generated to remove the damaged screw.

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Part No: DBZ60G Find out more about the Rapid Screw Extractor by visiting the product page, which includes an instructional video.