The company of Warren and Brown was founded in 1921, commencing as jobbing engineers, specialising in tool making and gear cutting.

W.H. Warren co-founder and M.D till 1939
Andy Brown co-founder and G.M till 1939

The business was gradually extended with the development of a number of production lines suited to the automotive reconditioning business. These consisted principally of valve refacing machines, valve seat honing equipment, reamers, cutters, etc., all of which were successfully
developed in the face of strong overseas competition.


Warren and Brown self-centering chuck

Before the war many essential tools and equipment were imported from overseas. As they became unavailable, Australian companies were requested to undertake this manufacturing. One of the very special items developed at W & B was the self-centring lathe chucks in a range from 3″ to 12″. The standard of lathe chucks met the highest world regulations. Unfortunately, when hostilities ceased the specialised equipment was put in cold storage, due to the economics of volume.


Post war

The business expanded steadily, particularly in the development of automotive servicing tools and equipment with the W&B product range earning a very high reputation both in Australia and overseas. From a small shed behind his home to a world renowned company.


Warren and Brown Motorised Valve Grinding Machines

Development of Synchronized Valve Seat Honing System.

IMG_1758 IMG_1763

May 1949

Warren & Brown Pty. Ltd. became part of the Repco organisation and with the added resources available, the company’s products expanded into the heavier equipment field, such as clutch rebuilders, testers, boring bars and other machines.



Torque Wrenches (Patent)


Warren & Brown received a patent for its world renowned Deflecting Beam torque wrenches which are still used today.

1940s - 50s

Product range



Warren and Brown Clinical Air Pump. Image from Archives of Disease in Childhood, 1974, 49, 143.

When the company applied its electronics expertise to its long established clinical air pumps, this resulted in the first switch mode circuit being designed and patented in Australia. This circuit, which can operate on either 12Volt DC or 90 to 260Volts AC enabled sufferers of asthma,

emphysema, cystic fibrosis and other respiratory ailments to be fully mobile as the pump could operate in a car and aeroplane or from any domestic electricity system around the world.


World’s first Cylinder Head machine was invented by Warren and Brown Development of factory service tools for Ford, GMH and Nissan.


The company embarked on a major update in 1977 with the acquisition of its first C.N.C. (numerical control) lathe. In the following years two more C.N.C. lathes and a C.N.C. Machining Centre had been purchased.

Exertech Exercise Monitoring Equipment was invented in conjunction with Repco Research
and the Australian Institute of Sport.


Warren & Brown took over the Robinson brand.


Wire stripper (patent)

As a tool designer and manufacture, Warren and Brown were approached by Telecom Australia
(Telstra) to design and produce coax cable stripping tools. This has led to the development of many other tools for Telstra and other major companies.

US4730391-1 US patent Stripping tool


Warren and Brown introduced wheel torque sockets.
Wheel Torque Sockets were not being used in the Automotive industry prior to this. Hence, there was a limited range available for purchase at the time.


Warren and Brown took over Scope.


Warren and Brown introduced the Micrometer Torque Wrench.

2014 - 2015

New product range successfully introduced.

Specially Designed Screw Removal Pliers (photo above)

Torque Wrenches

display screen wrenches

Detachable Torque Wrenches