Steel road plate hire VS Buying plastic road plates – which is the better option?

Steel road plate hire VS Buying plastic road plates – which is the better option?

Steel road plate hire VS Buying plastic road plates

What is the true cost of hiring steel road plates when compared to purchasing the WB Safety heavy duty plastic road plate system? Which is more cost effective for road maintenance contractors?

Quite simply, it all depends on the length of time that the road plate will be installed for, as well as any other ongoing maintenance jobs that a contractor may have. For road maintenance contractors, a small, once off job, where a road plate may be required for a couple of days, steel road plate hire will most likely be a more cost effective option then purchasing a plastic road plate system. However, if the road plates are required for more than 2 weeks and these types of jobs are ongoing, then purchasing a plastic road system may be a better option.

It may be difficult to compare purchasing a plastic road plate system outright when compared to hiring steel road plates, however it is worth considering the following:

For example, what is the cost of a road plate system to cover a 5mt long by 1mt wide trench for 2 weeks? (note – approximate prices are ex GST)

1. Steel road plate hire (estimates)
– 2 units of a 2.4mt x 1.2mt steel roadplate = approx. $125 per day per unit = $250 x 14 = $3,500
– Delivery and hire of crane truck for installing 2 x 560kg steel plates = approx. $300 for install and $300 per removal = $600
– Labour to install, including tarring. Approx. 4 people for 4hrs @ $70p/h = $1,120
– Possible re-tarring as required = additional costs
– Total cost = $5,220ex GST

2. Plastic road plate (buy)
– 8 units of middle section, 2 end sections in a kit = $4,800
– 30 minutes for installation. Labour to install. Approx. 2 people for 30 minutes @ $70p/h = $70
– Total cost = $4,870 ex GST

Therefore, based on this type of project, purchasing a plastic road plate system outright may be more cost effective than hiring steel road plates. Furthermore, the benefits are obvious if more than one road maintenance job is required.

Due to the modular system, each section weighs only 42kg and can be lifted into position manually by 2 people. There is no need to hire heavy lifting equipment and storing the road plates when not in use is also simple, as they can be easily stacked one on top of the other. The strength of the plastic road plate system cannot be questioned, as it has been tested to a vehicle weight of 44 tonnes, with a safety factor of 2:2:1.
In addition, road closures times are also reduced due to its ability to be quickly installed and removed. Therefore, for road maintenance contractors as well as government road authorities, who are constantly undertaking road maintenance duties, the investment in the WB safety road plate system is a cost effective choice.
It is also worth noting that the WBT Safety solutions road plate may also be available for hiring from your local hire company, if this is the preferred option.

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