Chisel Impact Scraper Tradie Tough Test

Chisel Impact Scraper Tradie Tough Test

Warren & Brown has produced an impressive range of stainless-steel Chisel Impact Scrapers for the removal of mixed debris from a range of material.
The strong, thick blades are designed for easy use, either held in your hand or by using a hammer or mallet on the metal strike cap.

The scraper is often a multipurpose product suited to a wide range of applications, and the Warren & Brown Chisel Impact Scrapers are a heavier built chisel scraper than your traditional scraper which usually have a thinner blade.
The W&B chisel scrapers sport a thicker, 2.5mm stainless blade that, as the name suggests, lends itself to heavy-duty chisel style applications as well as scraping. The ergonomic handle and grip have been well-designed to fit comfortably into the hand for a wide range of varied uses.


The inclusion of bent blades offers great leverage for the removal of trims, sheeting and flooring. While the blade edge doesn’t sport an ultra-sharp edge like a traditional chisel, it still operates well in scraping applications involving the removal of glues, sealants, fillers and adhesives. The thicker blades also lend themselves to the clean up and removal of plasters, cement renders and concrete, and it’s for these types of applications the strike cap has been added.

For our testing we caught up with carpenter Beau Ireland from LVD Builders. Beau was nice enough to come in while on holidays and put the Warren & Brown Impact Chisels through their paces.



We grabbed a handful of sealants, glues and fillers to test the scraping prowess of the Chisel Scrapers. After allowing 24 hours for the materials to dry, Beau started ripping into the test material with impressive results. “Even though these are made for heavier-duty applications,” said Beau, “we still wanted to test the scraping abilities on glues and even flaking paint. And it’s done a great job. “We’ve tested it on both hard and soft glues and fillers. The blades ripped through the hard-drying fillers, shattering them into submission as it lifted and separated them from our test timber, while the sealants and glues were sliced through in one cleanly cut piece.”



For this more chiselling-style use we swung into a friend’s build that had been sheeted and set, but not finished or cleaned up. There was still plenty of dried plaster on the concrete slab, as well as lumps of dried concrete that had been spilled in some places. Armed with a collection of the chisel scrapers, Beau used his hammer and a mallet to clean the dried spillages up off the floor and surrounds.
“These W&B Chisel Scrapers feel strong and sturdy when giving them a knock with the hammer,” he thundered. “The dried plaster popped up straight away, but as you would expect from the dried cement, I had to give it a good tap to break it up from the slab. But I think it’s this type of heavier-duty use where these chisel scrapers really come into their own.”



Warren & Brown has designed a good multi-purpose product. You can feel the strength and quality of the build and materials used. The stainless-steel 2.5mm blades will last and do a great job at cleaning up a wide range of mixed debris.

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