Robinson Leadlight Soldering Irons

Robinson Leadlight-01

Robinson Leadlight Soldering Irons

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Robinson Leadlight Soldering Irons are renowned for their quality, reliability and craftsmanship. The plastic handle provides  electrical and thermal insulation while spare parts are readily available. Robinson Soldering irons are the ideal tool for almost any soldering job.

  • Plastic Handle
  • Heat Insulating
  • Robust Construction
  • Balanced Weight
  • Long Lasting
  • Heavy Duty
  • Stand
Part No. Element Tips Tip Size Type
7708L 80W Soldering Iron 770893 770652 8mm dia x 90 degrees Leadlight
7710L 100W Soldering Iron 771092 771052 9.5mm dia x 90 degrees Leadlight


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