Cable Shears


Cable Shears

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The PK50 and PK51 are high-quality cable shears, specifically designed for cleanly and neatly cutting through thick electrical cable, satellite cable, cord and Nylon rope, etc.

The cable shears unique curved jaw design yields an exceptionally neat and tidy end cut using high leverage for ease of cutting (less hand fatigue). The curved blades hold a cable securely and the shears mechanism enables you to make a precise cut. The pressure provided by flat blades may crush a cable or allow slippage.


  • High leverage for easy operation.
  • Curved blades for precision cutting and shearing.

The PK50 and PK51 cable shears are ideal for tradesman such as Electricians, Satellite/Aerial, Installers, etc.


Part No. Size Cutting Capacity
PK50 164mm 9mm
PK51 212mm 11mm


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