Chamfer-Pro – External Deburring Chamfer Tool

Chamfer Pro

Chamfer-Pro – External Deburring Chamfer Tool

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The Chamfer-Pro is great for removing burrs and ridges from pipes or threaded rods. It is suitable for use on metals including stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, copper and brass, as well as wood, fibreglass and plastic.

This chamfer tool is designed to help prevent sparks, burns or cut hands. When used
properly, the tool does not overheat the work piece. Threads are sheared off, not folded
over as may happen when using a grinder.

Part No. Material Finish Features
162050 High carbon
alloy steel
SCM435 4 cutting edges
1/4”dr. hex bit
HRC: 61±1
Cutting dia: 10 – 26mm


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