Irontite Cooling System Chemicals


Irontite Cooling System Chemicals

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Irontite Cooling System Chemicals is a small inexpensive multimeter suitable for the professional or handyman:

P/N: 960101 – Irontite Sealer: 600 gram/420mL (25 per pack/box)
P/N: 960111 – Irontite Sealer: 200 gram/140mL (60 per pack/box)
P/N: 960200 – Irontite Cleaner: 200 gram

When added to a vehicles cooling system, Irontite Sealer & Rust Preventative performs
the following functions:

  • Seals cracks and stops seepage
  • Prevents rust, corrosion and electrolysis
  • Provides a protective coat throughout the cooling system
  • Allows better transfer of heat from hardworking motors
  • Irontite will not attack and soften hoses or water pump seals
  • Irontite does not affect the operation of thermostats
  • Permits today low volume pressurised cooling systems to operate with top efficiency.


How it works

As soon as ordinary water is poured into a cooling system, a corrosive action commences on the metal components, this results in a build up of scale. The scale retards the flow of water and also acts as an insulator, preventing transfer of heat from the motor to the cooling water. Overheating results and is particularly harmful when it is concentrated in a few poorly cooled places, e.g. in the cylinder head around the area of the valve seats. Distortion and cracking are results of unequal or poor cooling. Modern vehicles have high performance motors with cooling systems which are adequate when they are working efficiently, but one of the great enemies of efficiency is the constant build up of rust, corrosion and sludge.

The Sealer contains a compound which jells and hardens very quickly on contact with air or combustion chamber gases. the fibrous material in Irontite is finer than in any other make of sealer and because it is not of vegetable origin, it forms a permanent seal.

The fibres will not pack in the cooling system to block off smaller coolant passages.
Radiators and blocks may be reverse flushed without disturbing the sealing effects. Irontite does not contain soluble oil. This gives longer life to the rubber hoses, water pump seals and cylinder line seals. Irontite prevents rust and corrosion where components of cast iron, copper, bronze or aluminium are used.





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