Please see the frequently asked questions

How accurate is your torque wrench?

Warren & Brown torque wrenches are tested & calibrated across the scale to within +/- 2% of scale reading

How long have you been making Torque Wrenches?

Warren & Brown have been manufacturing torque wrenches for over 40 years.

How long will your torque wrench last?

Warren & Brown deflecting beam torque wrenches last many years. We provide a lifetime warranty on the deflecting beam!

What international standard do they meet?

Our torque wrenches meet AS/NZS 4115-1993 & ISO-6789

What is better, micrometer type TW or deflecting beam TW?

Both types have their advantages, however micrometer type Torque wrenches use a coil spring to apply resistance. Coil springs may lose their compression properties if left under load for long periods of time. It is impossible to leave the deflecting beam under load and therefore the calibration will not be adversely affected.

When will I need to recalibrate my torque wrench?

Depending on usage, generally every 12 months or 10,000 cycles. We frequently see 20 year old torque wrenches that are still accurate.