Warren & Brown Precision Tools – Where are they made.

Warren & Brown Precision Tools – Where are they made.

Manufacturing locations

At Warren & Brown, we are often asked the question “Where are your tools made?” There are a few different answers to this question. To ensure we produce the highest quality precision tools, our range is manufactured at several specialized locations, with many products still being made in Australia. In this article, we’ll look at where some of the Warren & Brown Precision Tools are made. With many products still made in Australia, the Warren & Brown Precision Tools brand is renowned for quality and reliability and every product introduced into the market must pass strict quality assurance and testing processes. Australian made products Anyone familiar with the Warren & Brown brand may already know that the Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches are made in Australia. The Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches are a flagship Warren & Brown product, which have been made in Australia since the 1940s. There are some similar Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches on the market, which have copied the deflecting beam design, however the Warren & Brown Deflecting Beam Torque Wrench is still the original, most accurate (+/- 2% accuracy), most reliable and the only one made in Australia.

Furthermore, many of the Scope Soldering Irons are also made in Australia, including the HI Soldering Irons, SS 100 watt and MS 70 watt soldering irons, as well as a number of other soldering accessories. Other Soldering equipment is made under license for Warren & Brown in other overseas facilities. Other Warren & Brown Precision Tools that are proudly made in Australia include the Cooling System Pressure Testers and Adaptors. It is still one of the most reliable cooling system pressure tester kit on the market. In the past, Warren & Brown also produced Valve Cylinder Head reconditioning equipment and many other tools and machinery in Australia, which have since been discontinued.  

Imported products made under license or OEM for Warren & Brown

For certain products, Warren & Brown utilize a number of overseas manufacturing plants to manufacture tools for the Australian market. Some of these products, which have been designed by Warren & Brown and are made to our specifications, are manufactured overseas in order to provide our customers with affordable product options and ongoing innovation. Unfortunately, at times, it is not possible to manufacture all of these products locally due to rising costs, smaller production volumes and the decline of certain industries and capabilities. In addition, product quality can also be ensured by partnering with established manufacturers with proven production techniques. We always avoid the cheapest option and only partner with quality manufacturers and proven suppliers. For instance, Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrenches are manufactured in the USA. These torque wrenches are known for featuring a distinct braking action when the torque is reached, and then resetting themselves when the pressure is released. The Dial Type Torque Wrenches, featuring an exclusive torsion beam design, are another Warren & Brown product that are made in the USA. Other torque wrenches in the range are manufactured under license in Asia. Furthermore, across other various regions of Asia, where manufacturing thrives, a number of Warren & Brown Precision Tools are produced. The Warren & Brown products made in various Asian regions include the Screen Torque Wrenches, Industrial Shears, the Chamfer-Pro and the range of Multi-purpose gloves, as well as some soldering irons.

In Japan, a country renowned for its technological precision and advanced manufacturing sector, is where the Screw Removal Pliers and Cable Shears are produced.  The Screw Removal Pliers are an innovative product capable of removing the most frustrating rusted, stuck or frozen screws. The cable shears are a high-quality shear, specifically designed to cleanly cut through thick cables and rope.   Continuing to support Australian innovation and manufacturing With a rich heritage in product design and manufacturing in Australia, as well as a bright future, Warren & Brown Precision Tools are continuing to support Australian manufacturing, product design and R&D. Over the coming months and years, Warren & Brown Precision Tools will be introducing a number of new, innovative and quality products. You can be sure that these tools will be as reliable as ever. To stay up to date with our latest products and solutions, subscribe to our eNewsletter or follow us on social media.