Rapid Screw Extractor – DBZ60G

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Rapid Screw Extractor – DBZ60G

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Remove badly damaged screws with the Rapid Screw Extractor.

The rapid screw extractor is an easy to use tool, that can be used for removing damaged screws. The kit comprises of 2 bits, to suit various degrees of damage.

  • No power required
  • No drilling required
  • No hammer required (1st bit only)

How to use the DBZ60G Rapid Screw Extractor:

1st Bit Press & Twist
4 edges of the cross tip can firmly grip the remaining corners of Phillips recess

  • Insert the 1st Bit into the handle grip and grip it as illustrated below
  • Place the bit tip into the screw head, then scrape away burs in the recess by twisting it back and forth lightly. 2nd Bit – Strike & Turn
  • Clean out any steel chips left in the screw recess
  • Fit the rubber sleeve to the 2nd Bit and position the blade in the recess
  • Strike the end of the bit with a hammer
  • Make sure the bit is self-standing upright, and then affix the grip on to the bit. DO NOT HIT THE GRIP WITH A HAMMER
  • Turn counterclockwise while pressing firmly downward
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